Test your website usability


Testing the usability of a website means verifying whether there are the conditions for correct navigation by the user, in other words it must be determined whether navigation through the site can be achieved in a simple, intuitive and pleasant way.

This is a very important process, because, when users have been attracted onto your site, you must be able to create value for yourself!

For the first step of analysis, you can do a self-test answering the following:

  • Does the site have a logical, clear and easily understood structure?
  • Is research for information on the site easy?
  • When you talk about your products/services, are there some “calls to action” on the same page, a button that will allow the user to immediately reach his goal?
  • Is the menu navigation on the site immediately visible when the page opens?
  • Are the labels on the menu understandable by people that are unfamiliar with your product or your services?
  • Does the site have a white background, or are there texts and images which are partially overlapping?
  • Is the text font uniform? Do you use the same style in all parts of the site?
  • Is your logo repeated several times on the same page?

Write the answers to these questions below, or simply send me your website address, and I will be happy to assist you in improving the usability of your website.